Devon Osamu Tipp - Graphic Art

In conjuntion with the Bach Suites project, Devon Osamu Tipp is offering several of his unique artworks. These will be available either as a low-cost poster print or a one-of-a-kind object suitable for hanging in your apartment, home or office.

As a talented music composer and a person of Japanese-American heritage, Tipp understands the musical experience intimately, while at the same time bringing new and profound insights to these 300-year-old musical creations. His artwork is the perfect counterpoint for our age: grounded in knowledge of the music itself but ready to add a fresh and unusual perspective.

Many of Devon's pieces incorporate shoes in the canvas itself. This provides a powerful link to Bach's Suites for many reasons. As a young man, Bach himself journeyed from Arnstadt to L├╝beck on foot to visit Dietrich Buxtehude, his musical mentor. This trip was 470km, just a little less than the distance from Boston to Philadelphia. Bach's shoes must have seen quite a lot of wear and tear!

Tipp speaks of how the action of stepping on the ground creates a kind of "ripple" around the wearer -- and how that influences the space in proximity. The musical metaphor couldn't be more direct: sound is literally ripples of air around one's ears and body. Tipp's vibrant colors and dramatic palette-knife work dramatizes a musical moment, freezing it in time.

Lastly, we have all experienced a huge change in how we think of placing ourselves in relation to others during the Covid pandemic. How can we maintain "six feet distance" while completing our daily tasks? What does it mean when people don't respect distancing guidelines, putting themselves and others in danger? Tipp's work invites us to reflect on a time when we can again be "toe-to-toe" with strangers.

Specific pieces will be avaiable on Bandcamp's easy-to-use "merch" page. All profits will be donated to the NAACP.
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